Welcome to my Woodcarvings

"Scratching the surface"



Steve is a wood carver and turner who works with native hardwoods.

He is inspired by wildlife and plant forms, many observed when volunteering with the local Wildlife Trust.

Steve hand cuts incised lettering for house signs and commemorative plaques.

He also produces turned bowls and platters adorned with carving and lettering.

These are often commissioned as bespoke, personalised gifts which will, in time, become heirlooms.

If you like Steves work and would like to discuss a potential commision please feel free to contact him at steve_keene@btinternet.com

His pricing is based on the complexity of the design, size and type of wood, but generally range between £100 to £400.

Hand made, personalised items make ideal gifts for special occasions.


  • Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom
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